John M. Wiggins

John & Sarah Wiggins

Contributed by J. P. Rogers, John's G-G-Grandson

John M. Wiggins was born May 15, 1811. The likely location of his birth was in Burke County, Georgia since this is where the first records for him surface. He is believed to have been the son of Amos and Sarah Wiggins of Burke County although the linkage is inconclusive at this time. John Wiggins died on January 28, 1895 in Emanuel County, Georgia and is buried in the Wiggins Family Cemetery in Blun, Georgia (Emanuel County). He married Luraney Seago around 1835 in Burke County. She was the daughter of William Seago and Rebecca Cartledge. She was born in South Carolina (unknown date) and died 1893 in Georgia. Around 1841, John Wiggins married Sarah E. Barber of Burke County. She was the daughter of Walding Barber and sister of Thomas Barber and Mary Barber. Sarah was born June 29, 1819 in Burke County, Georgia, and died February 10, 1901 in Emanuel County, Georgia. She is also buried in the Wiggins Family Cemetery.

According to the 1850 Census for Emanuel County and family tradition, John Wiggins was a blacksmith. It is believed that he moved to Emanuel County from Burke County about 1848 or 1849 and acquired land around the community now known as Blun in Emanuel County. On 10 October 1862, John M. Wiggins enlisted in the Confederate Army as a Private substituting for Jonathan Lewis with Company A (Burke Guards) of the 3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry. The roll of the 3rd GVI for February 28, 1865, the last on file, shows him on detail duty in Quartermaster Deptment in Columbus, Georgia. According to family tradition, because of Johnís age, 51 at the time of his enlistment in 1862, at some unknown point in his service, he was transferred to the Quartermaster Department to work as a blacksmith. He was a business associate of the original commander of the 3rd GVI, Colonel Ambrose Ransom Wright, as attested to by several legal documents from both Burke and Emanuel counties. This may explain why he was able to enlist at the advanced age of 51.

Children of John Wiggins and Luraney Seago are:

  1. Janet M. Wiggins, born November 17, 1835.
  2. Amos Wiggins, born August 13, 1837.

Children of John Wiggins and Sarah Barber are

  1. Mary J. Wiggins, born November 28, 1841.
  2. Martha Wiggins, born October 18, 1843. She married Calvin Cephus Seago; born October 22, 1845 in Richmond County, Georgia; died January 16, 1917 in Richmond County, Georgia.
  3. Emily A. Wiggins, born October 20, 1845 in Burke County, Georgia; died May 15, 1893 in Emanuel County, Georgia.
  4. Mary Frances Wiggins, born June 19, 1848 in Emanuel County, Georgia; died December 13, 1913 in Richmond County, Georgia.
  5. George Washington Wiggins, born December 06, 1849 in Emanuel County, Georgia; died September 01, 1917 in Emanuel County, Georgia.
  6. Sarah Wiggins, born May 03, 1852 in Emanuel County, Georgia; died March 25, 1878 in Emanuel County, Georgia.
  7. Elizabeth Wiggins, born August 18, 1856 in Emanuel County, Georgia; died July 28, 1933 in Emanuel County, Georgia.
  8. William James Wiggins, born September 03, 1858; died October 26, 1934. He married Fannie Rogers; born February 22, 1876; died August 28, 1914.
  9. Ella L. Wiggins, born September 07, 1860 in Emanuel County, Georgia; died February 08, 1936 in Emanuel County, Georgia.

More information about John M. Wiggins and his family is available at the Davis/Wiggins Family History website.


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