Thomas W. Long

Contributed by his Great-Grandson, Thomas Holder


My great grandfather, Pvt Thomas W. Long, was among a group of students from Oglethorpe College who resigned from school to join company K, 3rd Georgia Infantry. They referred to themslves as the "Oglethorpe Blues". Pvt Long was severely wounded by a mini ball that smashed the tibia of his left leg during the battle of King's Schoolhouse near Seven Pines, one of the opening engagements of the Seven Days Battles. He was sent to a convalescent hospital in Lauderdale, MS and eventually returned home to Athens, GA and was given a medical discharge due his leg wound. His leg was finally amputated in 1905. He is buried in a small cemetery in Comer,GA.



Civil War bullet"Return Fire" to 3rd GVI Veterans Page, 6/5/2009