Samuel Gideon Marsh
Contributed by his Great-Grandson, Duane Russell


My great grandfather Samuel Gideon Marsh served in the 3rd Ga. He enlisted May 15, 1862, was wounded at Chancellorville, but continued to serve and was whith the unit when it was surrendered at Appomattox Court House on Apr 9, 1865. In Mar of 1864 he was granted a 24 day furlough and I have the original handwritten furlough document. He was very active in the Confederate Veterans Chapter in Eatoton. He died in 1920 in the Confederate Veterans Home in Atlanta.

He wrote several pieces after the war:


Transcription of S G Marsh article re the Rebel Yell

I note some days since that someone proposed to teach our soldiers at Camp Gordon the Rebel Yell!! I have thought of informing the dear gentleman through your columns that he will be just thrashing the air with a brush.

Some years ago, a young lady knowing me to be one of the old vets said to me that she wanted me to give them the rebel yell, that she had read and heard so much about it that she would like to know just what it was and what kind of sound it had.

This was my reply, darling: the rebel yell can never be reproduced, I can give you my own definition of it which is DEFIANCE, DEFIANCE, but cannot reproduce the rebel yell!

Oh yes we old veterans get together at our reunions and bawl out something when we hear Dixie, or when some distinguished personage appears, and it does cheer up our old hearts and remind us of the day when we could scare a bear out of her den.

But the noise we make now with our teeth gone and respiration low fall far below what we made 50 years ago.

When regiments, brigades, divisions and Corps in line of young southern boys in the very prime of vigorous young manhood always full of heroism, with chest and lungs expanded to their full capacity by activity, and every fiber of their being in a quiver of enthusiasm marking time for orders to move forward.

Whenever the command is given to forward, friends listen then, and only then can the fearful peals of the rebel yell break forth from those young expanded throats as they rush defiantly over and against any and all obstacles.

Of course our soldier boys of today are of the same old stock have the same red blood coursing through their veins same courage & heroism in their hearts, so their enthusiasm will be aroused then they may formulate a heart rending German scaring yell of their own.

But friends, what was known as the rebel yell under the spell of which nothing could hold it's ground has forever gone with those who originated it consigned with them to fames eternal camping grounds.

SGM (Samuel Gideon Marsh)
418 Frasier St.

Co B 3 GA Regt A.N.V.

From the Eatonton Messenger May 3, 1902… Re "Memorial Day" Transcribed as printed with no punctuation, spelling or grammatical changes.

The remarks of Comrade S. G. Marsh in extending thanks to the ladies were so appropriate and beautiful that we print them as follows:

"Comrades: Before us today is the lady who 41 years ago, in the town of Eatonton, in the blush and beauty of her young life, with a few appropriate words presented a flag to the first company to leave this place for the seat of war, the Brown Rifles. She was a perfect type of Southern beauty and loveliness, and was true to the Southern cause during the civil conflict, and has remained true through all these intervening years until this good day to us old boys who wore the grey.

To her as president of the Ladies' Memorial Association are we indebted for perpetuating these memorial exercises and keeping green not only the graves of our fallen comrades, but also of keeping green before our children the memories of our great lost cause. That lady is Mrs. A. S Reid.

And so we see from the Ladies' Memorial Association, according to the laws of evolution, came the organisation known as the Daughters of the Confederacy, whom we also have before us, and whom we honor and cherish for their devotion to those of us who are still living, as well as our comrades "over there."

Our poor old veteran tongues, which have so often vibrated the rebel yell over hill and plain, absolutely fail me when we attempt to give expression to the emotion of our hearts toward those who from time to time cheerfully entertained us with their presence and their songs and good dinners, and in whom originated and from whose tender hands we received these badges of honor which we carry on our breasts, and which we cherish and appreciate more than any other earthly trinket.

These dear daughters love their country, and they delight to honor the heroism of those who wore the grey, and in the temple of their hearts, in the highest niche, burn the flames of their ideals of patriotism, the love and pride of an heroic past. These, our friends, with a crown of red and white roses tied with the Confederate colors resting over their hearts, are in the highest and noblest sense the flower of true Southern womanhood. For you, we as Confederate veterans stand today, as in the past, as long as there is a drop of blood in our veins to pour it out in your defense, and for you and such we hold faith that where sincerity of purpose, virtue and fidelity are their highest ideals, their heritage will be a crown of shining light which will radiate their mortal and immortal life with countless waves of joy and gladness that will ebb and flow against the sands of time when the sun is darkened and the star fall and this old world is burned up.

On behalf of Davis Camp of Confederate veterans I extend thanks for the loving kindness bestowed upon us, and I move that our appreciation be demonstrated by a rising vote."

Every veteran present arose promptly.

Samuel Gideon Marsh Private, Co B 3rd Ga Volunteer Infantry ANV

R F Davis Camp No 759
Resolution intended to be offered submitted to the camp at our July meeting.

Confederate Veterans, dear comrades

Whereas the late Col R B Nesbit deceased Col of the 3rd Ga Regiment C. S. A. and as gallant confederate officer as ever unsheathed a sword.
First commander of our camp and remained commander until removed by death, and whom we all delighted to love and honor while in life and whose memory we will cherish until our names are enrolled up yonder.

Wherefore be it resolved 1st that the R T Davis Camp 759 do request the present commandant and adjutant acting together as a committee do take immediate steps to procure for this camp if possible a life size portrait of the late Col R B Nesbit, framed with the name and rank engraved thereon,

Resolved 2nd that at our next meeting a collection be taken to pay for same.

Resolved 3rd, that a committee be appointed by the Commandant of this Camp, to be the custodian of said portrait and convey the same to Richmond, VA on or about the 3rd of June 1907 and there and then present said portrait to the committee in charge of the Confederate Memorial Hall or Museum with the request that it be suspended on the walls of the Georgia Room of said Hall

What you say Comrades!

S G Marsh
Private Co B 3 GA Regt CSA

March 1864 Furlough


Transcription of furlough paper for
S G Marsh March 1864….

To all whom it may concern

The bearer hereof S G Marsh a private of ….
John S. Rei.. Company B 3 rd GA Regt age
twenty one years five feet nine inches high
dark complexion blue eye dark hair and
by profession when enlisted a miller …..
in the county of Putnam state of Georgia
and enlisted at Eatonton Putnam County
State of Ga 15 th day of May 1862 to serve for the
period of two years is hereby ….. …… 25 ……
in the county of Putnam State of GA his
having received a furlough for twenty four (24) days
commencing day of March and ending
Day of April after which period he
will rejoin his company or regiment
at Camp New Madison Run Station Vir
or wherever it may then be or be considered
a deserter

Subsistence has been furnished to said
applicant ….. to the .. day of March and
pay to the 1 st day of January 1864 both
in service(?)

Given under my hand at Camp New
Madison Run Station Vir this
March 9 th 1864

R R ……….. Lt

Cmmdg Co B 3 rd Ga Regt



Company B 3 rd Ga Regt

March 1864

Private S G Marsh
Twenty Four (24) days
Applicant has never
Received a furlough
Nor …………… in
Lieu of transportation

Approved & forwarded

R R D’Jarnette (?)
Lt Cmmdg Co B 3 rd Ga Regt
….. 97864

If this application be
Granted the member ab-
Sent from the Regt on furlough
of indulgence, including
those overstayingtheir time
will not exceed the limit
prescribed in Gen Orders No 6
>>>>> A A… Va …….

Respectfully forwd appvd

D B Langston

Capt Comdg Regt

… Co Rich…. //…



March 9 th 1864

Respy forward
A R Wright
Brig Gen Comdg


March 9 th
Respy forward

C H …….
… …



… …


By order of G… S….

W S …….
11 th March 1864


…… …. …… …

March 25 th

Furlough granted …
Twenty Four … days

By order of
Brig Gen ….

D R Evans

March 25 1864

Subsistence Furnished
S Neil Supt Geo S home

(Drawing of arm and hand holding branch.. Perhaps an olive branch?)

…… Pass



…. 19

(Drawing of arm and hand. Perhaps as a fist)


Trascriptions above used by permission of Samuel Gideon Marsh. May not be reprinted for profit, or commercially without his permission as remaining living heir, transcriber, and possessor of the original documents.

Appomattox Parole

Service Record

Parole and Service Record courtesy of Greg Coco, Bendersville, PA


Grave of Samuel G. Marsh in Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, GA


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