Stephen English
Contributed by Stephen English's
Great Great Grandson, Thomas Baumgartner



1880 Farm Schedule of the Census indicates the following about Stephen English's farm:

40 Acres under cultivation
12 Acres growing timber
78 additional Acres owned

Value of Farm - $200.00
Value of Equipment - $15.00
Value of Livestock - $50.00
Value of Farm Production in 1879 - $215.00


1 Milk Cow
1 Other Cow
1 Calf
1 Horse
11 Pigs
12 Chickens

Growing the following crops: Corn, Oats, Wheat, Cotton - produced 3 bales on 25 acres, potatos (80 bushels).

He indicated that he had cut and sold 12 cords of wood for $12.00

Stephen was fortunate to receive several inheritances during his lifetime. In 1849, upon reaching the age of majority, Stephen was eligible to receive his share of his father's, John Henry English, estate. Following is a record of Stephen's inheritance from the estate:

By order of the court, Stephen share was to include the following value from the estate:

Share of Negro Property $1,915.62
Perishable Property 307.30
Cash 163.25
Land 558.00
Total 2,944.17

Upon the actual distribution, Stephen took the following:

Dock and Maria (Negros) $900.00
Celia and Anita Malk (Negros) 750.00
Sylvia (Negro) 275.00
Stock and Produce 307.30
Cash 163.25
Land 558.00
Total 2,953.55
Repaid to Estate to balance Account 9.38

Under the terms of the distribution, surveyor John Holtzeclaw set off 55.8 acres for Stephen from the lands owned by his father.

In 1856 Stephen inherited $417.21 as his portion of his aunt, Anne Elizabeth's, estate and in 1862 received $815.01 from the estate of Elizabeth Dick English - widow of John Heny English. In 1871 Stephen was named in the will of his father-in-law, William Owen Cheney and received a portion of the household and kitchen furniture. It is likely that Mr. Cheney had previously provided a sum of money to Stephen and Martha as they did not receive any other proceeds from the estate.

Following is an account of his service in the Civil War:


On the grounds of the Greene Count Courthouse, a Georgia History marker details the accomplishments of Senator William C. Dawson. Senator Dawson probably was honored after his death by the nickname of Company C, 3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry.

The company formed in April, 1861 with about 114 men and received $1,00 from the county to purchase equipment. After the election of officers, the company departed Greene County for the Augusta camp of instruction. The men completed their training and were incorporated into the 3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment in early May, 1861. At the start of the war the company was outfitted with grey trousers with black stripes, kepis, and coats with black piping.

The "Dawson Greys" fought briefly on the North Carolina coast in October, 1861 before moving to Virginia for the duration of the war. They fought at Malvern Hill, 2nd Manassas and Antietam in 1862. Bitter fights at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg followed in 1863. The year 1864 saw the "Dawson Greys" at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and the Petersburg Crater. Their hottest fights came at Malvern Hill and Gettysburg where they took part in the vicious struggle around Little Round Top. At Malvern Hill, Virginia on July 1, 1862, the company lost ten men. At Gettysburg, the "Greys" lost 16 killed and wounded.

Company C fought in the Petersburg trenches during the winter of 1864-65 and made the long, sad march to Appomattox Courthouse. On April 12, 1865 one officer and 25 enlisted men surrendered with Robert E. Lee.

Of the total 158 men of Company C, more than one in four did not live to see the end of the war. Twenty six were killed or mortally wounded, and 20 more died of disease or camp illnesses. At least 34 were wounded. The company represented the county well but at a terrible cost.

English, Stephen-4th Sergeant April 24, 1861. Discharged, disability, Petersburg, Va. May 22, 1862

Father: John Henry ENGLISH b: 25 AUG 1796 in Greene County, Georgia
Mother: Elizabeth DICKS b: 22 MAY 1804 in Virginia

Marriage 1 Martha Sarah CHENEY b: 7 OCT 1832 in Georgia
Married: 13 DEC 1849 in Greene County, Georgia1

2. Owen ENGLISH b: in Greene County, Georgia
3. Emma E. ENGLISH b: ABT. 1851 in Greene County, Georgia
4. Felitia Inez ENGLISH b: ABT. 1853 in Greene County, Georgia
5. Louise Loureene ENGLISH b: 21 MAR 1857 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia
6. John ENGLISH b: 1863
7. Sallie ENGLISH b: 1864
8. Howell ENGLISH b: 1868 in Greene County, Georgia
9. Pat ENGLISH b: 1874

1. Title: Oglethorpe County Marriage Index


Stephen English with his wife, Martha, taking a buggy ride on the old plantation, Crawford, GA. Circa 1880.


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