Alexander, Reuben, and Levi Langston


Alexander L. Langston

Reuben William Langston

Contributed by Celia Cohan Fenolietto, great great grand-daughter of William Greene Langston.


William Greene Langston (1817-1868)

My great great grandfather William Langston was descended from Colonel John Langston who came from London in 1664 and served in Nathaniel Bacon's colonial militia in Virginia. He was involved in "Bacon's Rebellion" in 1676. William's great grandfather John Langston and two of his brothers fought in the Revolutionary War in Virginia. Several generations later, it was William's father Jesse Langston who moved to Georgia in the early 1800's. William was born in Georgia in 1817 and married Frances "Fannie" Matilda Polk in 1839. (Fannie's father Ezekiel was a cousin to Pres. James K. Polk, so there were later several generations of James Knox Polk Langstons.) William and Fannie had sixteen children, and the first three were killed fighting in the Georgia Infantry at Gettysburg and Spottslyvania, PA and Petersburg, VA.

With Sherman's forces approaching for their May to September siege of Atlanta, William enlisted on April 1, 1864 in the Georgia Militia Reserves, Company B, 1st Regiment. He was discharged in February 1865 due to an illness he contracted while serving, and he died April 29, 1868 in Oconee Co., GA from the illness. His wife Fannie received a pension from the government as a war widow from 1891 until her death in 1899.

Alexander L. Langston (1841-1863)

Alexander L. Langston was born in 1841 in Franklin County, GA and later resided in Greene Co., GA at the time he enlisted on April 24,1861 with the Georgia Infantry, Company C, 3rd Regiment. He was a First Corporal, Regiment Registrar, and then Color Bearer. He was wounded July 2, 1863 in the Battle of Gettysburg and died December 1, 1863. There are exciting storiesthat have been published of how the tattered flag he carried at Gettysburg was smuggled from behind enemy lines by spies back to Georgia where it is preserved under glass today in the Capitol building. (Location may have changed from the time of my records. I saw it as child in the 1960s.)

Reuben William Langston (1843-1864)

Reuben William Langston was born in 1843 in Franklin Co., GA and resided in Greene Co., GA at the time he enlisted. He enlisted in the Georgia Infantry, Company C, 3rd Regiment with his older brother Alexander on April 24,1861. He was promoted from Private to Sergeant and finally to Corporal on Nov. 18, 1862. He was wounded July 1, 1862 at the Battle of Malvern Hill, VA, but returned to duty. He was wounded in the head at Spottsylvania, PA and taken back to a hospital in Richmond, VA where he died on June 3, 1864.

Levi C. "L.C." Langston (1845-1864)

Levi C. Langston, called "L.C.", was born in 1845 in Franklin Co., GA and resided in Ogelthorpe Co., GA at the time he enlisted. He enlisted in the Georgia Infantry, Company K, 8th Regiment on May 15, 1861 and was promoted from Private to Corporal during his service. He was killed in the trenches of Petersburg on July 7, 1864.


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