John W. Lindsay

Excerpted from "Georgia's Public Men 1902-1904"
by Thomas W. Loyless Published in 1902, Byrd Printing Co. (Atlanta, Ga)


JOHN W. LINDSAY. Commissioner of Pensions, is a native of Wilkinson coimtv, Georgia. His father was Isaac Lindsay and his mother a Miss Moore before her marriage. Col. Lindsay has been a resident of Wilkinson all his life and has been for a number of years one of its most distinguished citizens. At the outbreak of the war Col. Lindsay enlisted in ('ompany 1, Third Georgia Regiment, in which organization he served throughout the war. He was wounded several times, receiving his most serious injury at the battle of Spottsylvania. He was a splendid soldier, faithful to every duty and gave some of the
best years of his young life in the service of his State.

At the close of the war Col. Lindsay returned to his home to face the conditions that confronted all the returning soldiers of the South. He studied law and was admitted to the bar. He has practiced for a number of years at Irwinton, and bears the reputation of being one of the best attorneys in that section. He built up a large and lucrative practice in his county and those
adjoining it, which he has retained for a long time.

In 1884 he was elected to represent Wilkinson county in the lower branch of the General Assembly, and so satisfactorily was his service to his constituency that he was returned for another term. After retiring from the Legeslature, Col. Lindsay devoted himself to the practice of his profession until called upon by Governor Candler to assume the duties of Commissioner of Pensions in 1899. In this position Col. Lindsay lias faithfully performed his important duties and has made a splendid reputation as a painstaking and efficient public officer.

Col. Lindsay married Miss Julia Tucker of Washington county. Their son, Capt. Julian R. Lindsay, of the United States army, has recently returned to the United States after a term of service in China and the Philippines, in which he greatly distinguished himself. After graduating at West Point, Capt. Lindsay was appointed instructor in the academy and served several years in that capacity. He is considered one of the most capable young officers in the military establishment, and has won high encomiums from his superior officers. Miss Annie Lindsay is the efficient stenographer in her fathers office
and renders him splendid service.


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