John W. Ellis
Contributed by June Ellis Carter


My great-grandfather was John W. Ellis, born in Greene County, GA May 16, 1829 (I do not know his date of death or where he died).

John W. and his son, Matt, both enlisted in the War Between The States on April 25, 1861 in Company H, 3rd Infantry Regiment "Young Guards" in Newton County, Georgia. He earned $11.00 per month while serving in the War. He enlisted under General Lee, his commander was Col. Jim Reid and his captain was John F. Jarvis. He was wounded at Malvern Hill, VA on July 1, 1862 and was sent to the Armory in Macon, GA., where he remained until his discharge on February 28, 1865. He was declared permanently disabled due to his wounds which he gave as "a gunshot wound to his right 'rist' causing stiffness of the joint, and another gunshot to his mouth, cutting his lip and passing through the roof of his mouth, entering and fracturing the jaw bone which resulted in the removal of the jaw bone".

John W. was married to Elizabeth Ellerbee in Greene County, GA., December 9, 1847. Their children were Matthew Edward and Martha Ellis.

After the War, John W. evidently left his wife and moved to Kelso, Marion County, Tennessee, District #13, where the 1880 census shows him having a different wife and a daughter, Ella W., and a son, Daniel B. Ellis. The 1880 census for Calhoun, Gordon County, GA., shows John's first wife living with their son, Matthew Edward Ellis.

John W. applied for his pension in 1900 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. He stated his wounds and that he was unable to work due to his condition. He listed that he had two daughters and two sons but no names were given, nor was his wife's name given. He also stated that "My children are poor, married, and living to themselves and none of them are able to help me anymore. My children helped me or supported me until of late, they have all married and working for themselves. I piddle on the farm and do the best I can and earn about $2.00 per month".

This is all the information that I could locate on John W. Ellis but I have a nephew that went to the Archives in Atlanta, GA., where he found that John W. had applied for his pension in both Oklahoma and Tennessee. I received a copy of the pension application for his second wife, Sofrona C. Ellis, dated June 4, 1915.  She applied for the pension while living in Muskogee, Oklahoma, with her daughter, Alice Pridgen.  Sofrona stated in her application that John's middle name was Watus and that they had married on March 4, 1874 in Marion County, Tennessee.  John W. died in the Confederate Soldier's Home in Nashville, TN, Davidson County,  on January 26, 1914.    Sofrona had to have two witnesses to testify that John W. had served in the War Between The States and one of those witnesses was his son, Matt. E. Ellis.


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