James Monroe Wilson
Contributed by his descendant, David Gandy, DDS , Atlanta, GA




I recently discovered my Great-Great Grandfather was in Company B of the GA 3rd Regiment.  I also found this tintype photograph of him in his confederate uniform. I am still looking for a blanket (that was penetrated by a bullet while he carried it with him at Gettysburg) that is rumored to still exist in my family somewhere.

James Monroe Wilson, Private, enlisted June 1, 1861.  Appointed Sergeant. Wounded, Gettysburg, PA  July 2, 1863  Surrendered , Appomattox, VA  April 9, 1865.  He was 16 years old when he joined Company B.  After the war, he settled in Mitchell County, Georgia and married Sarah Emily Bradford.  They had 13 children together.


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