2nd Lt. James Augusta Lindsey

Contributed by Paul R. Lindsey, GGG-Grandson of James Augusta Lindsey


My ggg-grandfather was born in 1837 in Wilkinson County, Georgia. He was the oldest son of Isaac Lindsey and Martha Moore. He married Sarah Jane Branan on January 8th, 1857 in Wilkinson County and had one son, Pascal Augusta Lindsey, prior to his enlistment in Confederate Army.

James Augusta Lindsey enlisted as a 1st Corporal in Company I "Carswell Guard" in the Georgia Third Infantry Regiment on August 21, 1861. James had two brothers, Green J. Lindsey and John W Lindsey, who enlisted with him in Company I of the 3rd Georgia.

James was promoted to 2nd Sergeant on August 10, 1862. He fought and was wounded at the Sunken Road ("Bloody Lane") during the battle of Sharpsburg, Maryland, on September 17, 1862. He was elected to 2nd Lieutenant March 15, 1863 and wounded again at he battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 3rd 1863. His final battle was at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. During Brigadier General A. R. Wright's charge, he was wounded and captured. On July 24, 1863, at the age of 26, he succumbed to his wounds at the Gettysburg Hospital. Both his brothers survived the war. John W. Lindsey later became a judge and state representive.



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