Hiram Augustus Hartley
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Florence B. Carter, a descendant of Hiram Hartley.


My great-grandfather, Hiram Augustus Hartley was born 1834. He had light hair and complexion, blue eyes and stood 5'10". He enlisted in Company F, 3rd Ga (The Wilkinson Rifles) on June 10, 1861 and was wounded and captured at Gettysburg and listed as a wounded POW in hospital at Chambersburg, PA on July 31, 1863. In September 1863 he was received at Cotton Factory Hospital in Harrisburg, PA. According to the photocopy, he was admitted to Post Hospital, Fort Delaware on 6 November, 1863. He signed an Oath of Allegiance to the United States and was released on June 10, 1865, making his way back to Irwinton, Georgia (Wilkinson County). He died in Irwinton in 1912. He and his wife, Anna Jane Hoover (who lived until 1935), had six or seven children including my grandfather, Robert Lee Hartley.


Hiram A. Hartley with his wife, Anna Jane Hoover Hartley


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