Capt. James Frederick Geer
Written by
Thomas Baumgartner

Information provided by Samuel T. Geer


James Frederick Geer was born 21 September, 1824. He joined the "Dawson Greys", a company in Greene County, Georgia, on April 24, 1861. He was elected Captain April 28, 1862 and resigned due to disability July 22, 1862.

Captain and Mary Callaway Geer resided on a plantation located on Fishing Creek in Greene Co. with 316 acres and an 8 room house built in 1828 by James' father. This home was a Greek revival structure with eight fireplaces and five bedrooms, parlor, dining room, library and kitchen. James raised cotton as his cash crop, along with horses, cattle, sheep and pigs. James and Mary also raised twelve children on their antibellum plantation.

Captain Geer died March 1, 1905. He was eighty year old and had shared 61 years of marriage with his beloved wife.


Mary Callaway Geer


Geer Plantation House
Courtesy of Patricia Jarrell

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