James N. English
Contributed by Aubrey Taylor, a descendant of James English.


James N. English was born and died in Penfield Ga March 4 1843..died Oct 23 1919. His wife is Sarah Martha Geer. Born Dec 25 1844 d. Nov 1925. James was 18 years old when he joined the Confederate Army on April 24, 1861 with the entire senior class of Mercer University in Penfield, Ga. He was wounded at King's School House, Virginia on June 25, 1862 and at Spotsylvania, Virginia on May 14,1864. He retired on account of wounds, January 5, 1865. If you look closely at the picture you will notice he is missing a finger. Not only was his future father-in-law, 2nd Lt. James Fredrick Geer in the "Dawson Greys" but two brothers, Stephen English and Joseph English, were also in the unit. The following is the obituary from the local newspaper for James:

Mr. James N. English Dies At Penfield
On the morning of October 23rd, Mr. James N. English, an old and honored citizen of Greene County, died at his home in Penfield. Mr. English was born in March, 1843 in Greene County, and had lived his entire life in and near Penfield, except the years that he spent as a soldier in the Confederate Army. He was a brave and loyal soldier, ever true to his country. He tried to do his duty as he saw it. He was a good citizen and tried to build up his community. Although for the past several years he had been in feeble health and greatly afflicted and a great sufferer, yet he will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him. He was married in early manhood to Miss Sallie Geer, and for many years they lived happily together, she ministering to his wants in his last weary months of suffering. It was beautiful to see her faithful, loving devotion to this companion of her youth. God gave her strength in time of need to be faithful to the end. Besides his wife, Mr. English leaves five sons, many grandchildren, relatives and friends to grieve over his going away. His sons are Messrs. Walter English, Henry English, Shelby English, of Penfield; Mr. Will English of Greensboro, and Mr. Joe English, of Thomson. Mr. English lived out his alloted time and more. 76 years is a good, ripe old age. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. R. E. L. Harris at the Baptist Church, and many relatives and friends gathered from this as well as adjoining counties to pay this tribute of respect to this brave old soldier of the cross. The beautiful floral offering spoke eloquently of how he was loved and respected. We extend our deepest sympathy to his loved ones. The time will not be long until they may be reunited in the City of God.


James and Martha English


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