David H. Moncrief
Contributed by
Ed Rowe, Titusville, FL .


David H. Moncrief, Co. K
Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savanah, Georgia

I was recently at Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah, GA taking pictures of several grave markers of men who were in Cobb's Legion Cavalry Battalion. While there I noticed at least three markers for men who were identified as being in the 3rd GA Infantry. They were J. Hodge (James Hodges, Co. A), G. W. Chapman (Co. A) and D. (David) H. Moncrief (Co. K). I couldn't find evidence of a G. W. Chapman ever being in this regiment. The markers of the men from Cobb's Legion Cavalry I was taking pictures of were all killed at Gettysburg and their graves were relocated to Laurel Grove from the Gettysburg area in August of 1871. I assume the same is true of the men from the 3rd GA Infantry. There may be more men from the 3rd GA buried there, but these are the only three markers I took pictures of. Attached are two pictures showing the markers of the 3rd GA men. One of my great-great granduncles, James H. Dunnahoo, was in the 3rd GA and his brother (my great-great grandfather), Thomas Jordan Dunnahoo, was in Cobb's Legion Cavalry Battalion.

Ed Rowe
Titusville, FL

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