Wiley C. Branam
Contributed by
Jay Carlton Branam


Wiley Culver Branam, my Great Great Grandfather, was born in Putnam County Georgia in 1841 and married Martha Andrew Jackson Fitts on April 6, 1861... only 20 days before enlisting in the Putnam County Brown Rifles and entering the Civil War on April 26, 1861. Wiley C. fathered seven sons... John W. 1862, Walter J. 1868, James K. 1874, Evan C. 1876, Nesbitt (named after Rueben B. Nisbet, Officer of the 3rd Ga. Regiment "Brown Rifles") 1877, Thomas R. 1880 and Willie M. 1882. Wiley C. as far as I know was in every major battle of the 3rd GA Brown Rifles, was wounded two times and was in ranks with Robert E. Lee at Appomattox on April 9,1865... so Nesbitt's name is not surprising.

The obituary states he died August 29, 1892 and was laid to rest in the Jones Chapel Cemetary, Macon Ga. Wiley C. died of malaria. It also states that he was in the Battle of Ocean Pond... but i think that was a misprint... the 3rd Gerogia Volunteer Infantry did not participate in that battle from the records and was probably refering to either Manasas Gap or Sharpsburg... he was wounded in both of those engagements.

(written by Jay Carlton Branam 2005... as was told to me by my elders)


Wiley C. Branam's grave, Jones Chapel, Macon, Georgia

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