C. S. A.

Excerpted from
Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861 - 1865
Compiled by Lillian Henderson, ca 1900


Wright, Ambrose Ransom-Colonel May 8, 1861. ----See private, Co. G.

Sturges, John R.-Colonel June 19, 1862.----See 1st Lieutenant Co. A.

Walker, Edward J.--Colonel July 1, 1862.----See Captain, Co. G.

Reid, James S. Lieutenant Colonel May 10, 1861. ----See Captain, Co. D.

Sturges, John R.-Lieutenant Colonel June 15, 1862. ----See 1st Lieutenant, Co. A.

Walker, Edward J. Lieutenant Colonel June 19, 1862. ----See Captain, Co. G.

Nisbet, Reuben B--Lieutenant Colonel July 1, 1862. ----See Captain, Co. B.

Snead, Claiborne--Lieutenant Colonel August 21, 1864. ----See 1st Lieutenant Co. G.

Lee, Augustus H.-Major May 8, 1861.----See Captain, Co. H.

Sturges, John R. Major April 28, 1862.----See 1st Lieutenant, Co. A.

Walker, Edward J.-Major June 15, 1862.----See Captain, Co. G.

Jones, John F. Major July 1, 1862. ----See 1st Lieutenant Co. H.

Montgomery, Alexander B. Elected 1st Lieutenant, Co. D, 1st Regiment Ga. Regulars March 16, 1861. Appointed to temporary rank of Major August 1, 1862. Elected Major, 3d Regiment Ga. Inf. August 5, 1862. Wounded, 2d Manassas, Va. August 28, 1862. Relieved as Major December 23, 1862. Elected Lieut. Colonel May 12, 1863; Colonel May 16, 1863. Assigned to duty as Commandant of prisoners, Charleston, S. C. September 15, 1864.

Hayes, George E. Major August 15, 1864.----See Jr. 2d Lieutenant Co. K.

Turner, William W Adjutant May 10, 1861. ----See 1st Lieutenant, Co. B.

Perry, Joel Walter, Jr.---Adjutant August 6, 1862.----See private, Co. C.

Alexander, Samuel L. Adjutant October 22, 1862.----See 4th Sergeant, Co. K.

Lester, Robert B. Chaplain May 25, 1861.----See private, Co. A.


Stokes, James M. Chaplain July 1862.----See private Co. A.

Flynn, William (or Flinn) Enlisted as a private in Co. H, 4th Regiment Ga. Inf. April 26, 1861. Appointed Chaplain, 3d Regiment Ga. Inf. 1861. Resigned August 1861. Appointed Chaplain, 16th Regiment Ga. Inf.1861. Resigned February 2, 1864.

Lester, Robert B. Chaplain May 25, 1861.----See private, Co. A.

Stokes, James M. Chaplain 1862.----See private, Co. A.

Hargroves, Thomas Judson--Sergeant Major.----See private, Co. A.

O'Brien, William (or O'Brien)--Sergeant Major May 10, 1861. ----See 1st Sergeant Co. B.

DeJarnette, Nathan H.-Sergeant Major May 1, 1862.----See private, Co. B.

Phillips, Alexander Quartermaster May 17, 1861.----See 2d Lieutenant Co. G.

Stanley, Rollin Adolphus-Quartermaster Sergeant May 9, 1861.----See private Co. F.

Dexter, George N.--Quartermaster Sergeant May 1, 1862.----See private Co. D.

Davis, James T.-Ordnance Sergeant 1862.----See 2d Sergeant Co. B.

Armstrong, James--Ordnance Sergeant April 20, 1862.----See 1st Sergeant Co. C.

Davison, Joseph T.-Ordnance Sergeant May 10, 1863.----See private Co. G.

Godfrey, James Erwin Jr. Appointed Surgeon, C. S. A. April 27, 1861, and assigned to 3d Regiment Ga. Inf. May 4, 1861. Transferred to 54th Regiment Ga. Inf. as Surgeon May 10, 1862. Serving as Senior Surgeon of Smith's Brigade January 17, 1865. Surrendered, Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865.

Proctor, Thomas Albert--Appointed Surgeon, C. S. A. from Virginia August 16, 1862, to rank from May 26, 1862. Assigned to 3d Regiment Ga. Inf. June 17, 1862 ; to 41st Regiment Virginia Inf. October 8, 1862. Resigned May 19, 1863. Served as Contract Surgeon, C. S. A.1864. Ordered to report to Surgeon J. J. Gravath at Richmond, Va. for assignment to duty December 19, 1864. No later record.

Witsell, Charles (or Weitzel)-Appointed Assistant Surgeon, State of South Carolina June 11, 1863, to rank from February 4, 1863; Surgeon May 15, 1863. Assigned to 3d Regiment Ga. Inf. March 28, 1864. On detached duty February 28, 1865. No later record.

Kilby, John T. Appointed Surgeon, C. S. A. May 30, 1863, to rank from January 13, 1863, and ordered to report to General Lee for assignment to duty. Serving as Surgeon, 3d Regiment Ga. Inf. April 22, 1864. Relieved from duty and ordered to report to Medical Director at Richmond, Va. for duty in Petersburg, Va. hospital April 26, 1864. No later record.

Scogin, John D. Assistant Surgeon May 15, 1861.----See private, Co. H.

Meiere, William S. (or Miere)-Assistant Surgeon May 27, 1861.----See private, Co. D.

Hollingsworth, William T.-Assistant Surgeon October 8, 1861. ----See private Co. D.

Durham, Alexander Frank-Assistant Surgeon August 15, 1862. ----See private Co. C.

Thompson, Absalom C. C.-Assistant Surgeon August 19, 1862. ----See 1st Sergeant Co. I.

Daniel, George C.--Hospital Steward.----See private Co. K.

Hester, James T. Hospital Steward December 23, 1862. ----See private Co. D.

Hughes, H. Sidney-Commissary May 1861. ----See private Co. K.

Mahool, Thomas--Commissary July 16, 1862.----See private Co. K.

McWhorter, William P.--Commissary Sergeant 1861. ----See private, Co. C.

Reaves, Rufus K.-Commissary Sergeant October 1861.----See private Co. K.

Langston, Alexander L. Ensign May 10, 1861. ----See 1st Corporal Co. C.

Hicks, James C. Ensign.----See private Co. I.

Ryan, Dennis L. Ensign May 3, 1864.----See private Co. B.

Barnwell, Benjamin F. Ensign August 16, 1864. ----See private Co. C.

Allen, Robert O.-Musician.----See private Co. I.

Barnwell, Jesse S. Drum Major.----See private Co. C.

Bone, William-Musician.----See private Co. K.

Breazeal, Benjamin S.-Musician.----See private Co. F.

Deese, William H. Musician.----See private Co. F.

Gorham Jackson-Musician.----See private Co. C.

Hallam, Isaac W. Musician.----See private Co. K.

Morgan, Adrian S. Musician.----See private Ca. C.

Reese, James W.-Drummer.----See private Co. D.

Spencer, Alvah B. Musician.----See private Co. C.

Spencer, Benjamin E.-Musician.----See private Co. C.

Tillery, William H.-Musician.----See private Co. F.


This regiment marched to battleground of Seven Pines from heights near Richmond, Va. on Sunday June 1, 1862, and slept on the battlefield that night. On the 2d of June they fell back with the troops to the advanced line between Yark River Railroad and Williamsburg road. Remained there retrenching, supporting the picket daily and nightly until June 29th. The situation was damp and unhealthy, and had a most deleterious effect upon the health of the men to such a degree that at the end of June 1862, out of seven hundred and fifty men carried on the line only three hundred and fifty remained for duty.

On the 18th of June this regiment engaged the 16th Massachusetts U. S. A. in a skirmish in which we lost four killed and about the same wounded. On the 20th of June in a scouting expedition a member of Co. C, was killed. On the 25th of June this regiment with General Ransome's Brigade engaged General Kearney's Division U. S. troops in a skirmish, resulting in the lass to this regiment of one killed and two wounded. On the 29th of June, with the Division, we moved southward and eastward down the Charles City road for four or five miles. On the 30th the march was resumed and continued in pursuit af the retreating enemy on a neighboring road, between the Charles City and Williamsburg roads, until coming to creek, which the enemy had just crossed and formed in large force on the opposite bank. This regiment returned to the Charles City road where it remained on the night of June 30th.

On July 1st the regiment took part in the terrific battle of Malvern Hill in which it suffered to the extent of having its Major (Acting Colonel) killed and the Acting Lieut. Colonel wounded and Acting Major killed. Officers and private s killed 27 ; wounded 117, and several missing. From the 2d to the 7th of July the regiment camped near the battleground of the 1st, when it moved to Falling Creek on the southside of James River, a distance of twelve miles, arriving there on July 8, 1862.


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