3rd Georgia, Co. G at
Other Events


Oxnard Harbor
Oxnard Harbor "Battle of Mobile Bay", Sept. 1997

At the Irvine Park event
Irvine Park, 1997

3rd GA men firing their muskets
Irvine Park, 1997

3rd Georgia men relaxing in camp at Lake Casitas
Lake Casitas, 1997

Confederate Infantry, "Shiloh", Thousand Oaks, 1998

Shell bursts, "Shiloh", Thousand Oaks, 1998

Confederate Memorial Day, Hollywood Memorial Cemetery, 1999

3rd Georgia at the Boy Scout Jamboree, Encino, May 1999

3rd Georgia at Menifee, 1999

Ian McWherter, Robert Alvarez, & Robert McCrary, Kearney Park, Fresno, 1999

Robert Alvarez, Calico Ghost Town, Feb. 2000

Calico Ghost Town, Feb. 2000

3rd & 10th Georgia, Santa Fe Springs, Feb. 2000

Robert McCrary, Santa Fe Springs, Feb. 2000

Alvarez, Warling & Worth atttend Dr. Joan Waugh's UCLA Civil War class
February 2000

Worth & Alvarez with the Royal Welch Fusiliers, West Coaster Toy Soldier Show, Mar. 2000

At Placerita Jr. High Open House, May 2000

At Placerita Jr. High, May 2000

Daily News article, Placerita Jr. High, May 2000

With the 2nd Vermont at Orange Empire RR Museum
July 2000

David Cervantes,
Fresno, 2001

Robert Alvarez & Dennis Bubnar,
Fresno, 2001

1st Lt. Robert Alvarez,
Fresno, 2001

Cpl. Don Worth,
Fresno, 2001

1st Sgt. Josiah Bean,
Fresno, 2001

3rd & 10th GVI,
Fresno, 2001

Oakley, 2002
The march in...
The "Poison Oak Mess"
Robert McCrary, Brook Gibson, Pat O'Melia, & Mike Deagon

Oakley, 2002
The march out...
They looked pretty "hacked"

At Vista, March 2002

Orange Empire RR Museum, June 2002

With the 10th GVI, Guajome Adobe, Vista, July 2002

Fresno, 2002

School of the Soldier, Commerce, 2003

Fresno, 2003

Kimmick Family
at a School Event 2005

Arroyo Seco Jr. High
March, 2005

Shoenbergers & Gibson
Prado Park
April 2005

Maj. Brooke Gibson
Prado, 2005

Pvt. Robert Alvarez
Prado, 2005

Arnold Freedman's "Evil Twin"
Huntington Beach, 2005

In the ranks
Huntington Beach

A Georgian from Vermont
Huntington Beach

Panorama of the Confederate Camp at Fresno, 2001


Watch a short movie of the 1997 Irvine Regional Park event (large, 1.2MB)


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