3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry
in the N-SSA

Charter of the 3rd Georgia from the North-South Skirmish Association.


The 3rd Georgia began organizing in late 1973 and per N-SSA rules we stood our "Inspection" at the Spring Nationals in Winchester, Virginia in May of 1974.

The 3rd Georgia passed their N-SSA Inspection and admitted to the N-SSA as a "Probationary" unit. After spending a year on probation (as N-SSA bylaws require all new units to do) the 3rd Georgia was granted their charter by the N-SSA on August 2, 1975.

3rd Georgia Members, L-R Jim Hendrix from Union Point Georgia and his Father-in Law "Big John" Bereseford.

Over the years, the unit has become a very "family organization." Hoot Gibson (our Adjutant) now shoots besides his son, Zack on the firing line as does Brannen Sanders and his son, Kirk. But the Robertson family hold the record when it comes to family participation because 3 generations of that family shoot or have shot with the 3rd Georgia.

Johnny Hathaway and his son were also members, until Johnny passed away at the Nationals.




This is the earliest known photo of the 3rd Georgia. This photo was taken at the Spring Nationals in Winchester, Virginia in May of 1979. This was the 3rd Georgia's Musket Team for that year.



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