3rd Georgia Photos

Photo of Brooks Dawson of Savannah, Georgia taken in the mid- 1970's. Brooks is still an active Skirmisher almost 30 years later!


A highpoint of the 3rd Georgia's Skirmishing was winning the 2nd Place in the 1989 Fall Nationals in Winchester, Virginia. The 3rd's Carbine Team was only 12 seconds out of winning First Place !

Standing L-R: Olan Robertson, Jim Hendrix, "Hoot" Gibson, Clyde Robertson, David Montrose.
Kneeling: L-R: Austin Robertson, Joe Parker & "Bones" Jarret.


3rd Georgia at the Eva, Tennessee Skirmish in the early 1990's, Standing L-R: "Bones" Jarret, Randy Otis, Raymond Roberts, Dave Montrios, Clyde Robertson, Mike Smith, Harold Lawrence, Donald Robertson, Joe Parker, "Big John" Bereseford, & "Johnny Reb" Hathaway.


3rd Georgia at the Fall Nationals at Winchester, Virginia in the late 1980's. The 3rd Georgia had just won the Deep South Regional Trophy and the photo was taken after most members had changed into their "civilian" clothes for the long drive back home to Georgia!


3rd Georgia at a Tennessee Skirmish in the early 1990's


3rd Georgia at the Aberdeen, Mississippi Skirmish in April of 1998.



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