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Other FTHA Reenacting Units

2nd Vermont Volunteer Infantry, Co. E

Company "E", 3rd Regiment Confederate Engineers

The Richmond Howitzers

Hampton Legion Infantry, Company G, South Carolina

See also the Fort Tejon Historical Association units page


Other Reenacting Units

1st North Carolina Cavalry (6th US Cavalry) WBSHA

1st Kansas Volunteer Infantry & Kansas Women's Relief Corps

104th Pa. Volunteer Infantry, Company "C"

North-South Skirmish Association (with the other 3rd Georgia!)


Reenacting Links

Arizona Territory Suttler

Packing crates & camp furniture by our own Jon Pack (3rd GVI)

C & D Jarnagin & Co.

One of the best Sutlers - Great leather goods!

D & N Mercantile

Our own local sutler.

Honest Tom's Sutlery

A reliable sutler, always at Fort Tejon.

Fall Creek Sutler

Great catalog - local to California.

C & C Sutlery

Have a good package deal!

Riley's Farm

Riley's is a great location for Civil War and Rev War reenactments

Camp Chase Gazette

A good newsletter for Civil War Reenactors.

The Civil War Reenactor's Home Page

Cool collection of resources on reenacting.


General Civil War Links

Civil War Page

Amazing collection of resources from Jim Janke, Washington Coll.

US Civil War Center

Good stuff from Louisiana State University too!

Georgia Units in the Civil War

Links to regimental histories from the University of Georgia

Ken Jones Regimental Links

Ken Jones' wonderful list of links to regimental histories, North & South

Civil War Rosters

The best compendium of links to online Civil War rosters.

Military History Online

Excellent overviews of the Battles of Gettysburg and Fredricksburg.

Library of Congress Civil War Photograph Collection

Searchable collection of photos. Most in high resolution.

Generals of the American Civil War

The principal generals on both sides in the Civil War

Hoemann's Civil War Page

Very nice collection of Civil War links.

Civil Warriors Round Table

Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley group that meets regularly to study the Civil War.

48th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry

One of my other pages - this one's dedicated to my wife's Yankee ancestor.

Civil War Interactive

History with an attitude - a great online Civil War magazine


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