The Ladies of the 3rd Georgia

Civilian Group



The 3rd's "Georgia Peach", Monique Newman with her son, Scott, 1998

Sarah Worth & dad, Ft. Tejon, August Invitational, 1999

Sarah Worth & "Charlotte Vance" (Toni Van Beveren)

Melvina Shelley in 1859 and her GGGranddaughter, Barb McCreary, 1999

Barb McCreary, Calico Ghost Town, Feb. 2000

Tara, Katie, & Barb McCreary, Santa Fe Springs, Feb. 2000

Duncan & Wes McDonald with Tara and Katie McCreary, Santa Fe Springs

Jayna McPhearson, Tara & Katie McCreary & Monique Newman, Ft.Tejon April 2000

Monique Newman, Sarah Worth, & Toni Van Beveren at Placerita Jr. High, May 2000

Sarah Worth, Placerita Jr. High, May 2000

Sarah Kamlet,
Fort Tejon,
April 2002

Katie McCreary Ft.Tejon, May 2005

Ian McWherter
Ft. Tejon, May 2005

Ft. Tejon, May 2005

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