Regimental Marker Flags of the 3rd GVI


The above requisition, issued by A. R. Wright on behalf of the 3rd Georgia in September of 1861, is unusual in that it refers to three marker flags for the regiment. Usually Confederate regiments required either two or four markers. This appears to indicate that the 3rd Georgia was using Gilham's drill manual, since Gilham calls for three markers, viz:

"Three markers are required to every battalion; they are posted behind the first company in the rank of file closers, when the battalion is in line, and behind the leading company or division whenever it is in column."

Gilham goes on to define "Camp Colors" as "Small flags, eighteen inches square, and used to mark the color line, points of wheeling, etc. They are also carried by the markers in the evolution."

Submitted by Greg Biggs


Civil War bullet"Return Fire" to 3rd GVI History Page, 1/13/2002