3rd Georgia Infantry at

Late in the afternoon of July 2, 1863, Anderson's Division of A. P. Hill's Corp joined Longstreet's rolling assault and charged across the fields toward Cemetery Ridge. Ambrose Wright's Georgians found a small gap near the famous copse of trees and swept to the crest of the ridge, briefly capturing the guns there. However, unsupported by the brigades to their left and right, they were quickly pushed back at great cost. Longstreet's attack came to an unsuccessful end.


Plaque for Wright's Brigade in the woods along Seminary Ridge near the Virginia Memorial.


Posey's brigade was supposed to go in on Wright's left, but they didn't advance (nor did Mahone.) As a consequence Wright's flank was completely unprotected so that the 106th PA was able to flank him.


This tablet is about 100 feet in front of the Federal position on Cemetery Ridge. You can see it in the background of the 59th NY monument photo below. Two of Wright's regiments actually penetrated farther than this (behind the photographer of the 59th NY monument.)


View from Wright's jumpoff position on Seminary Ridge.
(Courtesy of Bruce Schulze's Civil War Album.Com)


Panorama of view looking west from Cemetery Ridge over the path of Wright's Brigade on July 2. Codori Farm is in the distance at left. Wright emerged from the distant treeline just to the right of the farm buildings. The "angle" is at right.

View west from Cemetery Ridge. Codori farm at left. Taken several years after the war.


Looking Southwest from Cemetery Ridge, just south of the copse of trees. The 3rd Georgia swept over the fields in the background to break through the Union lines on July 2. Codori farm house is in the distance. (Pvt. Don Worth, 3rd GVI)


Monument to the 106th Pennsylvania - part of the "Philadelphia Brigade" - near "the angle." The 106th flanked Wright's Brigade on the north and drove them back.


59th New York. (Codori farm and Wright marker in the distance.) The 59th NY was one of the units opposing Wright on July 2, 1863.


Monument to Brown's Battery B, Rhode Island Artillery. This battery was overrun by Wright and many of his guns were captured.


7th Michigan Infantry near Wright's penetration.


69th Pennsylvania Infantry. Codori farm in background.


13th Vermont Infantry on Cemetery Ridge. This regiment was brought south from Cemetery Hill to plug the hole Wright had exploited. They counter-charged Wright and helped to drive him back.


Brig. Gen. Alexander Webb, brigade commander of the "Philadelphia Brigade" and Wright's opposite commander on Cemetery Ridge. Gen. Meade's statue is in the background as is the Cylclorama building.

All photos and captions by Don Worth

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