Trousers and Braces

Trousers are usually wool or cotton-wool (jean cloth) and may or may not match the jacket. Most are worn without a belt, using instead suspenders - called "braces" or "galusses" during the Civil War. There is often a watch pocket (you shouldn't wear a wristwatch - better to obtain a pocket watch.) Braces are of linen or cotton with leather ends and metal buckles or buttons. Trousers can be of a miltary cut or civilian style. Many Confederates wore "Yankee trousers" - especially after raiding a Federal supply depot. So sky blue (such as those at left) is quite acceptable - especially if you plan to use them for a Federal impression as well.

You can purchase trousers ready-made or as a kit that you sew yourself. See the page on Coats and Jackets for more information on kits. (Trouser kits from Charlie Childs run $90 - 1998 prices.)

Do NOT wash your wool trousers - they will get a lot shorter! Dry clean them if you must.

C & D Jarnigan & Co.
(2000 prices)

 #806 Army Trousers, Sky Blue, Foot Pattern

 #909 CS Pattern trousers, Army, Enlisted Foot
(regular wool)

 #909 CS Pattern trousers, Army, Enlisted Foot
(jean wool)

 #500 Suspenders (linen straps, leather ends)


Another source for extremely authentic trousers is C. J. Daley:

Don Smith also makes excellent suspenders using fancier period fabrics:

Trans Mississippi Depot Co.
Don Smith
718 E. Alvarado Ln.
Cottonwood, AZ, 86326

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