3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Confederate Light Guard

Amended 7/20/2003


Objectives and Goals

The Confederate Light Guard Infantry was established as a historic reenactment military unit of the American Civil War period. Our objective is to accurately portray the lifestyle, drill, uniforms, equipment and overall bearing of Confederate infantrymen during the period from 1861-1865. This portrayal shall be done in a manner that is informative, educational and enjoyable to both the participant and the public.


1. The membership of the Confederate Light Guard Infantry is open to all races, creeds, national origins, or either sex.
2. All members' portrayals must be consistent with life in the United States during the period 1860 to 1865.
3. The Light Guard members may extend at any time full membership to any individual by a simple majority vote of the membership and consent off the company commandeer.
4. Membership in the Light Guard may be revoked by a simple majority vote (51% of the membership in attendance provided there is a quorum) of the membership against any member who is accused of violating the code of conduct. Two members and an elected officer or NCO must agree to press charges for this vote to take place.

Rights of Membership

1. Vote at all business meetings of the Light Guard.
2. Hold any position within the Light Guard consistent with their historical portrayal and the obligations of the position.
3. To serve as a member of the Light Guard in manner consistent with their historical portrayal, at any and all events where the Light Guard is in attendance.
4. Receive all notifications of any events, activities or functions that the Light Guard will attend and schedule of formations, drills and battle when possible.

Obligations of Membership and Code of Conduct

1. To conduct themselves in a manner which promotes the harmonious conduct of the organization.
   a. No member shall become intoxicated, abusive or behave in a disorderly or belligerent manner.
   b. Members arriving at any event shall make their presence known to the company commander.
   c. Members (when in attendance at an event) shall attend all posted drills and formations unless they have been excused by an officer or Senior NCO.
   d. The company officers or their designated staff shall maintain the military decorum of the company street.
2. To respect the person and property of all Light Guard members and all members of the reenactment community.
3. To obey the laws of the United States, its political subdivisions, and those laws and regulations required by event sponsors and organizers.
4. To obey all safety regulations of the FTHA at any and all of its events.
5. To adhere to the "Regulations of the Army off the Confederate States of America" and the "Articles of War" except where this conflicts with the first 4 articles of the Code of Conduct.
   a. To conduct themselves in camp, in formation, and in battle in a military manner.
   b. To render proper military honors to all Officers and flags of the United States (whether a reenactor or current active service), Confederate States, or any other nation, regardless of the flag or the person wearing the uniform.
   c. To present an appearance that does honor to the memory of the men who served in the Armies of the United States and Confederate States.
6. To present an accurate portrayal of life in the American Civil War while attending events and present in the authentic camp area or on the battlefield.
7. To promote historical accuracy the following rules must be adhered to.
   a. No non-period items may be visible within the company street when the public are present.
   b. No non-period activities on the company street during living history.
   c. No non-combatants under arms.
   d. We are depicting a military unit and as such all members must obey any lawful and reasonable order given by a superior Officer or NCO.
8. All Recruits are Required to Learn and Demonstrate Hardee's - School of the Soldier.
9. Members' impressions may not include any visible inaccurate or non-period items:
   a. Members are expected to purchase or acquire their own basic equipment (uniform and musket) within a reasonable time so that the unit's loaner equipment can be available for new recruits.
   b. Period footwear must be worn by members at all events.
   c. Non-period eyewear will be permitted at the first few events for new recruits, but members are expected to acquire period glasses or contact lenses at the earliest opportunity.
   d. Members are expected to continuously improve the accuracy of their impression within the limits of their financial ability to do so.
10. Any person who violates the code of conduct may be dismissed.

Business Meetings

1. The Light Guard will conduct at least one business meeting during each calendar quarter during a published event.
2. A business meeting will be held at the Fort Tejon August event to nominate and elect members for elected positions and to vote on the events that the unit will attend in strength the following calendar year
3. All decisions voted at the business meetings will require a simple majority. (Except as otherwise noted)

Elected Officers

The Light Guard will elect an organization Commanding Officer. The Light Guard will also elect those officers and NCOs needed to fill the rank ratio requirements of the Fort Tejon Historical Association. The term for all elected positions will be two years.
1. The Commanding Officer or Executive Officer is responsible for all decisions required between business meetings.
2. The Commanding Officer or Executive Officer will chair all business meetings.
3. The Commanding Officer will serve as Treasurer or will appoint one to manage any funds raised by the unit. Funds will be raised as needed for any purpose. There are no membership dues. Membership will be provided with an accounting of revenues and expenses.
4. In the absence of an elected Commanding Officer or Executive Officer the highest ranking officer or NCO will assume those responsibilities.
5. The Commanding Officer may appoint Officers and NCOs needed to fill the rank structure between elections.
6. The Commanding Officer or any officer may be removed from their position by a 2/3 majority vote of all the members. This vote shall be conducted at any business meeting.


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